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dutch creativity awards

Winnaar bronze lamp ''22

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In november 2022 hebben we een Dutch Creativity Award in ontvangst mogen nemen. Hier zijn we ontzettend trots op! 



'Even Centraal' represents a misson to make learning engaging and fun in a time when getting distracted is more troublesome than even before.


Starting with a subject that is hardest to inspire kids around, this teacher's project has huge potential tot grow and be applied to other areas - helping kids who struggle in various areas to get excited about topic thay they hard to concentrate on. 


They have put together a coll brand an da simple product and the names nod to the founder's students is a great touch. We are keen to see it branch out to new subjects soon. 


Hier de video van de inzending. De volledige inzending lees je via de link hieronder. 


Volledige inzending 

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